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Youth Actions for Climate, Nuclear Disarmament & Sustainability Webinar

Let's talk about the future of the world!

What is the initiative?

Youth movements for climate action, peace and nuclear disarmament have sprung up in Europe and around the world in the past few years. Young people have become concerned about existential threats to current and future generations, and increasingly frustrated at the insufficient action by governments to address these threats.

The corona virus pandemic has reinforced the need for governments and the international community to focus more on universal human security issues – like public health, climate and peace - and to move away from nationalism and militarism.

This webinar will include voices of civil society and youth from climate, peace, disarmament and sustainable development campaigns to inspire further action and to encourage intergenerational dialogue.


Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 11 AM – 1 PM EDT

Who will be the speakers?

- Marzhan Nurzhan (Kazakhstan). Coordinator, Abolition 2000 Youth Network.

- Kehkashan Basu (UAE/Canada). Youth Ambassador, World Future Council. 2016 Children’s Peace Prize recipient.

- Yasmeen Silva (USA). Partnerships Manager, Beyond the Bomb.

- Vanda Proskova (Czech Republic). PragueVision Institute for Sustainable Security. Social Media coordinator for Move the Nuclear Weapons Money.

- Akinyi Obama-Manners (Kenya), Sauti Kuu Foundation.

- Chaimae Sebbani (Morocco). Project leader, Youth Voices for Climate, Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

- Anca Gliga (Romania/USA). Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth.

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