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Winner: “Clean Screen Pods” creates an effective way to provide clean air during COVID-19.

Introducing the winner of the Rethinking Hospitality competition, “Clean Screen Pods” is a design created by Ashley Singh, Mehrose Naeem, and Fernando Aparicio of City College of New York. Its flexible design promotes a safe interior design that shields customers from the COVID-19 virus to bring filtered air at the same time.

Amidst the Covid-19 crisis, hospitality settings need to adapt to these uncommon

times. In reaching a new normal, Clean Screen Pod Technology serves as an effective

and universal way of offering clean air to its users.

Integrated with Panelite boards, the hexagon module cleans and filters the air eliminating

pathogens and filth while also providing room for future additions.

It is a prefabricated system that can be used in most spaces to limit contact of users. It can

be applied to different restaurants and, possibly, other hospitality settings. The flexibility of

The design allows one to have a choice regarding placement. An orthogonal setting might

favor the interior conditions, while outside a circular plan allows for a higher degree of


Our imagination of a new normal is to promote better air quality within interior spaces

where disease and viruses are easily spread. This design shields off visitors from these

viruses and filters them through a screen, providing individuals with constant clean air

within the pods.

Judges Comments

I like the introduction of a natural element in combating the covid19 pandemic. The

hexagonal shape makes the screens attractive and visually interesting. It is easy to install

and add to existing spaces.” - Laura Mitzner Paletz

This truly innovative proposal of modular green PODS convinces through its sublime way of

tackling complex tasks towards a flexible yet effective response to newly arising challenges

for hospitality:

by blurring the boundaries between inside and outside...

by enhancing the multilayered filtering of here and there...

by bridging the gap through movable openings/closings...

by juxtaposing a technical solution with natural resources...

by connecting a multiple sensual experiences of seeing touching feeling breathing...

by interweaving living species to actively combat air pollution...

in particular, the proposal looks way beyond COVID and in a hopefully soon arriving post-

COVID era still maintains a wide range of added values to the quality and livability of

surrounding spaces.” – Lukas Rungger

The simplicity and flexibility of this design is beautiful as well as functional and the concept

is very creative. The guest experience is amplified in a positive way with the introduction of

nature into space. It can be universally implemented in any hospitality environment.” –

Teri Urovsky

A nice proposal that would be an elegant solution with or without COVID 19. Its

effectiveness remains to be seen, but a green environment with fresh air is always

desirable.” – Willem van Bolderen

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To learn more about the Rethinking Hospitality architecture competition: https://www.good-goes-viral.com/rethinking-hospitality

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