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The Coronavirus Tech Handbook: An ultimate collection of websites, data, and tools

The tiny tech-for-good organization Newspeak House is determined to create a Coronavirus Tech Handbook, which is factual, precise, and non-misleading.

What is the initiative?

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook aims at providing a library for researchers, private institutions, technologists, civic organizations, educators. Further, the initiative seeks to collaborate on a sophisticated response to the coronavirus outbreak. The resource is swiftly progressing with thousands of dynamic expert contributors. Anyone who is building a project related to COVID 19 can submit the details with a full or little brief. The handbook helps fight duplication so that great minds don’t work on something which has already been done.

Before you start the project, look through the handbook to see if it’s already done. The library is flooding out with information, if you want to be a part of the team, join now. You can help with creating, drafting, formatting myriads of information available.

Who is it for?

Individuals and Volunteers in UK

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