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Tackling the Novel Coronavirus: Courses

The work that brave frontline medical workers put in by risking their lives and going to work every day is heroic and commendable. We remain committed to furthering the needs of the hour and to that end, have collated a list of online courses from certified medical institutions. These courses are technical, practical, and are created while keeping the needs of our medical workers in mind. They are intended to be used as introductory (as well as refresher) courses in critical care, as well as some cases that go into the specifics of epidemiology and diagnostics

COVID19: Diagnostics and Testing - African Society for Laboratory Medicine, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics


  • Brief: This course covers the basics of testing for the COVID virus, and how countries are trying to ramp up their production and scale of testing. It also covers the importance of wide-scale testing to determine the extent of the virus.

COVID19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application - Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh


  • Brief: This course is specifically designed for people taking care of COVID19 patients, be it medical staff on the frontlines, or people taking care of dependents at home. It covers the importance of taking good care and precaution yourself, while providing care for others.

Mechanical Ventilation for COVID19 - Harvard University (https://www.edx.org/course/mechanical-ventilation-for-covid-19)

  • Brief: This course is intended to familiarise non-ICU medical workers with the basics of mechanical ventilation so that they can better assist frontline medical workers. This is a critical cours, as hospitals and medical institutions across the world struggle with an increasing number of patients, and available staff are overwhelmed.

Fighting COVID19 With Epidemiology - Johns Hopkins University (https://www.coursera.org/learn/covid19-epidemiology)

  • Brief: Epidemiology looks at the origins of diseases and helps answer questions about their infection rates and spread. This course applies this epidemiology-centric view to the study of COVID.

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