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Next Door: Helping parents and elderly

An initiative that helps elders, parents and those in need attain help from their neighborhood.

What is the initiative?

Given the spread of the coronavirus, we must stand with each other. Next door is one such an initiative that allows you to help a neighbor in need or ask a neighbor for help. Neighbors can post offers and requests like” Wanted Childcare”. The initiative is especially beneficial for those who are at higher risk of corona infections and therefore want to stay in isolation. With schools and daycare closed, even parents are finding themselves in a difficult situation. Register yourself on Next door and someone from your neighborhood can help you with the shopping and other chores.

By registering next door, you can exchange ideas with neighbors who live in your immediate location within a 10-minute walk. Proper verification is done do that only really neighbors have access to the neighborhood.

Who is it for?

Volunteers and neighbors in Germany

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