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Music on Campus Brussels: Jam out online!

Music On Campus Brussels finds a way to overcome the shortcomings of social distancing in Belgium by doing virtual sessions between music lovers. 

What is the initiative?

Music On Campus Brussels is a student-run club based in KU Leuven/Odisee Campus Brussels founded in November 2019. With the help of each member, events related to music (e.g. concerts, karaoke nights, attending concerts) are organized. Due to the COVID-19 period, the weekly jam and acapella sessions are now replaced with a new online virtual choir with more to come. This love for music in this Brussels campus goes beyond borders to reach students across the school and even those in different countries. When in a dire time, it's best to find a way for our passions to continue to thrive. 

Who is it for?

University students attending KU Leuven/Odisee Campus Brussels

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