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Honorable Mention: ‘Relink’ redesigns hospitality to link social needs with COVID-19 safety.

GGV presents ‘Relink’ as the third entry in the Rethinking Hospitality competition. Created by Martin Nicolas P. Tanalgo, Klint F. Abrasado, and Pol V. Leonidas of La Consolacion College - Bacolod, the innovative designs for lodging establishments to convert to healthcare stations and transportation facilities to indirectly promote social distancing highlights the importance of COVID-19 regulations in our current society today.

Humanity is presently in a stand-off against an unseen force. A virus lethal enough to put the entire population on its knees and forcing the global economy to rapidly deplete in just a matter of months.

The hospitality industry as part of the global economy is one of the most affected industries in these trying times. With restaurants, hotels, and terminals shutting down and running out of business, this calls for a necessity to innovate and adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic. In this competition, various ideas are presented to encourage a new norm of a systematic approach to hospitality industries. In the case of eating establishments, social interaction whilst maintaining safety will be key factors in the post-Covid 19 era of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Linking together social needs for interaction with security and safety considerations.

As to lodging establishments. Hotels, motels, and inns should redesign spaces especially guest rooms to be easily converted into healthcare stations. This would allow alertness to be one of the top priorities of the lodging industry in case of recurring waves of viral infections.

Lastly, for the transportation sector. Terminals, ports, and stations should be well maintained with proper social distancing. These establishments are prone to unwanted viral transmissions because of border passing and untraceable mass interaction. A suitable way of tackling this sector is to layout seating arrangements that would encourage social distancing without direct user realization. This concept would dramatically decrease the chances of getting unwanted infections.

In an era when COVID 19 finally subsides, a vast amount of the population would still be traumatized with the risks of exploring the outside world, thus innovative architectural solutions promoting social interaction with the linkage to health considerations will enhance a sense of security, well-being, and normalcy.

Throughout this week, GGV will be publishing all post-competition entries. Follow along to learn more about the creative designs from architecture students.

To learn more about the Rethinking Hospitality architecture competition: https://www.good-goes-viral.com/rethinking-hospitality

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