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Honorable Mention: ‘An Unseen Pandemic’ embraces COVID-19 by creating easy and innovative designs.

As GGVs fifth and last honorable mention, ‘An Unseen Pandemic’ showcases adaptable designs to new scenarios we face during COVID-19. Created by Sagar Kishan and Sudiksha Dubey of University A.K.T.U., it presents a new take on safety for everyday office cubicles and a fun method to open doors without even touching it!

The global pandemic has put us all in difficult situations. Sooner or later COVID-19 will end but the world is not safe yet and we know countries will not be able to afford long-term lockdown again for at least some years, so how can we prepare?

There is only one way - we have to embrace the scenarios. Great design during a pandemic will not force people to change their way of life, rather it will alter and drive some ways to keep the essence of the activity intact and keep the game of life running with minimum differences.

We propose some concepts and easy installations to master and overcome the scenarios. Our main idea, “the four-way cubicles”, helps us to solve the most difficult problem of all, how to maintain people separated in a place that was designed to gather them. Also, this installation can double as meeting rooms and interactive spaces. We used glass as a separating element inside the cubicles. This helps to divide the space yet gives a feeling of proximity. Wood or metal can be used for the outer partition if required.

Studies show that doors and door handles are some of the most frequently touched surfaces in offices or hotels and restaurants. Our new and innovative mechanism allows the user to open and close doors without touching the door handle. It is easy to install in regular doors and makes them hands-free. It is also a unique idea for a new door series.

Throughout this week, GGV will be publishing all post-competition entries. Our next features will be the four finalists from the competition. Follow along to learn more about the creative designs from architecture students.

To learn more about the Rethinking Hospitality architecture competition: https://www.good-goes-viral.com/rethinking-hospitality

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