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Grow your health-conscious restaurant using the Ruddy app!

An innovative marketing tool based on health trends to help disadvantaged restaurants tailor to consumers with specific dietary lifestyles.

What is the initiative? 

COVID-19 has swept through the global economy in an unprecedented way and is greatly impacting the consumer’s buying behavior. Consumers are becoming more conscious about their health and are adopting a prevention over cure approach to health conditions and diseases. To survive this pandemic, Restaurants everywhere have to pay close attention to the consumer dining behavior and to digital transformation.

The startup, Ruddy, is already helping restaurants innovate and reach out to health-conscious consumers. By calculating and displaying the nutritional values of restaurant dishes on their mobile app, Ruddy is:

  • helping consumers find meals in their area that perfectly match their diet on a nutritional level

  • offering restaurants a new marketing tool based on health and diet trends (instead of the traditional factors such as price and location)

This level of transparency is creating not only a deeper trust between customers and restaurants, but also a win-win scenario where restaurants grow their business while consumers make informed food choices.

Who is it for?

Food lovers in Brussels, Belgium

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