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Gegen-den-virus: A platform for digital volunteers in Germany

With a few weeks to slow down the spread of coronavirus in Germany, Gegen-den-virus is aiming to bridge the gap between digital help and those in need.

What is the initiative?

Lack of awareness is the biggest culprit behind this Corona Pandemic. It’s time we all should know: What is this virus? How it can affect your health? How is it affecting the livelihoods of millions across the world? Gegen den virus is one such directory of corona facts, where you can receive all the latest information, expert views, and do’s and don’ts of COVID-19. The project has taken a step forward by aiding as a bridge between digital help and the mostly analog needy. The website comes with two sections, one with all the important “notices” regarding the corona pandemic and others with different tools. If you want to help the project evolve, you can contact the team directly. This project is part of KrisenKultur.de

Who is it for?

Anyone in Germany

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