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Finalist: “Mind the Lights”, uses creative lighting to overcome sanitation difficulties in COVID-19.

As the second GGV finalist, Niaz Ahmed and Sowjanya Madhira of Anna University created “Mind the Lights” as a way to use concentrated laser lights to remove any maintenance hassle of continuous sanitizing during COVID-19. It emphasizes UV-light to target virus particles unnoticeable to the naked eye.

With the majority of the hospitality businesses being forced to put out their closed signs for most parts of this year so far, the global pandemic leaves the future of the industry on the balance. While the lives-livelihood trade-off situation may hopefully end soon, this line of services cannot go back to the way things were.

Consumers will be more conscious of contact and hygiene. An assurance to maintain the set standards might just win us this battle. For a while now we have seen different types of barricades being set up to maintain social distancing.

Our idea here is based on the fact that these separations themselves are made of materials that could become carriers of microbes like viruses if not sanitized over and over again. We can overcome these issues by using smart lighting design for any given space.

The seating arrangements are required to be six feet apart according to norms. A frame-like laser light around each table ensures that the distance is maintained by individuals. A similar method can be adopted while separating queues at counters. Since the spaces are framed by laser lights, they don’t require sanitizing, cutting down on the maintenance hassle, and adding zero damage to community spread.

UV light focused on surfaces of contact like tables and countertops reveal that which cannot be seen by the naked eye. This not only aids in the cleaning process, but also removes the fear of the unseen. Lighting projectors can be used to put up signs and mark walkways etc., guiding the customers safely. Creatively designed lighting also adds to the ambiance of the place giving it an exciting or relaxing vibe.

Judges Comments

“The strength of this concept to me is a mixture of how seamlessly it can be added into existing hospitality spaces at an attractive price point and done so in a way that is both forward-thinking, effective, and versatile.” – Laura Mitzner Paletz

It shows the great use of laser technology. The idea is also very easy to implement at scale and adapt to different hospitality settings.” – Sam-Erik Ruttmann

Throughout this week, GGV will be publishing all post-competition entries. Follow along to learn more about the creative designs from architecture students.

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