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Finalist: “Hospitality On Line” provides service beyond human assistance to protect against COVID-19

Created by Md Mashuk Ul Alam and Humayra Anan of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Humayra Ahmed of University of Asia Pacific, Bangladesh, GGV presents the third finalist “Hospitality On Line”. It utilizes electronic and information technology to help COVID-19-era customers to safely check-in and have assistance where needed.

Covid-19 has changed the way people see and enjoy the service of hospitality. We are now

much more aware and alert while staying outside and consuming food or any other service

that entails personal engagement.

Various adaptations have been implemented to bring back people’s comfort and trust

in the service of hospitality. However, people will need the assurance of their safety

and security and more than ‘human’ assistance to achieve it.

In the post pandemic society, electronic and information technology will drive civilization worldwide and also cover the vast spectrum of human assistance. Our project is

a collaboration of information technology and architecture to shape the future

morphology of the hospitality business.

We propose a ‘Hospitality Database’ that will store and analyze the information about all

the hospitality services and its consumers. The customers can log in to the database through

one unified mobile application while checking in and have essential assistance as well as

operate different infrastructure that previously required human contact.

The project will keep people connected virtually while reducing the risk of contagion and

other hazards. Besides, the machine learning process can provide more accurate and satisfactory service to consumers, and augmented reality opens a new way of experiencing hospitality.

In the project, a prototype of the collaboration of the application, and the infrastructure of a

restaurant, a small unit of the hospitality business, is shown. It also gives an idea of how the app enhances people’s experience and ensures their physical and mental wellbeing.

Judges Comments

When we think of COVID 19 solutions we tend to think of physical adjustments. This

proposal merges the physical with the online world. For now, only as a practical tool, but I

could imagine that this could be extended to the social aspects of hospitality.” – Willem van


The creation of an app in itself was not the main idea. To me it was how the app focused on

the concept of bringing people together which is what hospitality is all about. The idea of

being able to order a “buddy” to keep you company is very creative. The ability to stage

food pick up for social distancing is also great. It is a great concept that can be implemented

globally.” – Teri Urovsky

Throughout this week, GGV will be publishing all post-competition entries. Follow along to learn more about the creative designs from architecture students.

To learn more about the Rethinking Hospitality architecture competition: https://www.good-goes-viral.com/rethinking-hospitality

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