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Finalist: “Comprehensive Modular Millwork” adapts everyday furniture to make it COVID-19 friendly.

As the last finalist, GGV presents Sabrina de Almeida Marano Bogus of the University of Florida design called “Comprehensive Modular Millwork”. The prefabricated millwork module adapts the traditional closet to limit contact between individuals while still providing easy and integrated service.

The new normal. Those atypical times we live in will dictate guidelines for social habits, and, therefore, the new way of experiencing environments. Procedures will be changed, and spaces redesigned. Existing buildings and spaces will have to adapt in the best and fastest ways possible to transmit to their users the concern with cleanliness and safety that drives the evolution of the built environment in this post-pandemic era.

The traditional human interactions in Hospitality between guests and employees, such as cleaning, delivery of objects, and meals to the room, guide the development of this concept. A prefabricated millwork module, adorned with antimicrobial laminated surface finishes, would introduce a more versatile functionality in lieu of the traditional closet. A pair of pass-through openings divided into “IN” for the delivery objects and meals, and “OUT” for staff to gather trash, used towels, and beddings, minimizes contact between employees and guests. An enclosed niche with ultraviolet light makes it possible to sanitize objects such as dinnerware, cell phones, keys, and larger objects. Niches on the floor level allow guests to store bags and shoes separately, to minimize contact with clothes and other belongings. An exclusive compartment within the module sanitizes clothing through a forced negative ventilation system. This module is easily integrated into any guest room design, requiring only two small openings in the corridor wall and access to a power supply.

The system can be expanded with the addition of a second module which includes a mirrored panel along with built-in voice-operated smart-tv. The modules are connected in a plug-in system. Rounded corners in prefabricated panels are a potential solution that completes the concept and can be easily installed on the existing walls promoting better cleaning and air circulation. It is a cost-effective and contemporary design solution.

Judges Comments

“This is a great solution to empower guests to control their environment in the guestroom. The modular concepts are easily implementable completely or in parts, so it is very flexible. The ideas are clean and simple which makes them very effective.” – Teri Urovsky

“The entry didn't work on one solution but took on a complete hotel room. An easy to clean room that limits contact and looks futuristic.” – Willem van Bolderen

Throughout this week, GGV will be publishing all post-competition entries. Our next feature will be the winner of the competition. Follow along to learn more about the creative designs from architecture students.

To learn more about the Rethinking Hospitality architecture competition: https://www.good-goes-viral.com/rethinking-hospitality

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