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COVID Symptoms Tracker: A self reporting app to understand the symptoms of COVID-19

Take 1-minute to self-report daily to identify high-risk people and areas in the UK.

What is the initiative?

COVID System Tracker is a non-profit initiative to help slow the outbreak. Dr. Tim Spector is a doctor and scientist trying to diagnose those at higher risk of COVID 19. Install the app and you can self-report yourself to help Dr. Tim Spector understand the facts about COVID 19. Your contribution will help identify high-risk zones in the UK, understand symptoms associated with an underlying health condition and determine who is most at risk. how fast is the virus spreading in your locality.

The COVID system tracker is an app designed by scientists and doctors at King’s College London Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals, and a health science company ZOE Global Ltd. Both public health and other authorities are working together to ensure that your information is secure. Be a part of the initiative to help win against COVID 19 by registering with COVID Symptoms Tracker.

Who is it for?

Anyone in UK

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