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Co-tasker is a community marketplace providing quick help and local services

Want help with repairs and other tasks that are on hold due to the corona pandemic? Take help from the multi-skilled users of co-tasker.

What is the initiative?

Due to the chaos of COVID-19, most of the day-to-day services are on halt. People are already asking questions like who to call for electricity repair or how to solve the plumbing issues? At such tough time, co-tasker is bringing you together as a community. Co-tasker is a community of multi-skilled users from your surroundings, who want to help others during the crisis of COVID-19. Earlier, it was a service site offering locals services like repairs, cleaning, and moving, but since the worldwide lockdown due to Corona Pandemic, it has become a go-to solution for elders and those who need an urgent service.

Anyone with certain skills can join the platform and help others in this time of hardship.

Who is it for?

Small service providers in Berlin

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