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SACA: Students Against Corona Awards

You may be boxed in, but your ideas don’t have to be!

What is the initiative?

In times of crisis, the real heroes stand up and work together to be the pioneers that lead us to a better future. Organised by the Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship (DutchSE), ECE Students, UtrechtInc Students and Kickoff EHV - Entrepreneurial Student Community Eindhoven, the Students Against Corona Awards (SACA) is a nation-wide competition to encourage students to discover new business models and develop solutions to soften the impact of the coronavirus.

The competition will be split into three rounds that will offer you an extensive array of high-quality online workshops and coaching in order for you to network and develop your idea even further.

The first phase of the competition will take place between April 27th and May 1st. Your need to register your team before April 26th.

Who is it for?

Students in the Netherlands

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