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Have you faced some challenges that may be interesting to more people - let us know! Share your question on LinkedIn and other social media using our hashtag - #goodgoesviral In your post, feel free to tag some relevant keywords and / or organizations You can also contact us through our profile on LinkedIn

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Are there any particular challenges you would like us to help with? Get in touch with us and we will promote your question with our community and experts like yourself. 1. Share your idea on LinkedIn and other social media using our hashtag - #goodgoesviral 2. Drop us an email at contact@good-goes-viral.com Also, we would be happy to welcome you in our network of experts. You can register here.

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Are you facing any problems that may be affecting more of your peers? Are you trying to solve some urgent innovation challenges? Here is what we can do for you: - Promote the challenge with our community - Reach out to our network of experts for opinion and advice - Organize formal expert panels and consultations - Provide innovation teams for short sessions and longer projects - Hold virtual conferences, peer fora and webinars Get in touch with us at contact@good-goes-viral.com and let's solve it together!

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